Frequently Asked Questions

What is Danish Oil and why do you use it?

Danish Oil is a hard-wearing, water-resistant wood finishing oil that soaks into the wood instead of drying on the surface. It has a very subtle colour and still leaves the wood textured which keeps that 'natural wood' feel and look.

I selected a Danish Oil finish but can't see the difference in the product photos?

At this stage all our product photos are finished in Danish Oil, so they won't update to reflect your selections. The difference between the natural wood and Danish Oil finishes are very subtle and would be difficult to spot in a photo!

Why should I select a Natural Wood finish?

This option gives you plenty of flexibility with how you would like your item to look and feel. For instance you could apply a coat of paint, a different oil or even stain to imitate other wood products.

I really like one of your products but it's too big/I'd like something changed/have some questions.

Feel free to contact us at support@basefurniture.co.nz. We've made modifications and customs items for customers in the past and would love to discuss your requirements. 

Is there any difference in product quality between Pine and Plywood?

The biggest difference is the aesthetics of the wood and the cost. Some people enjoy the industrial feel of Plywood which is why we provide the option for many of our items. Structurally, there is very little difference between the two woods. If you select Plywood you'll still be receiving a high quality, stable item.

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely, email support@basefurniture.co.nz to request one.